Efase is the Akan/Twi word for prison. The idea for Project Efiase was mooted by the 4th Ghana Prisons Service Council (PSC).

On June 30, 2015 the 6th Ghana Prisons Service Council launched Project Efiase and the 10-Year Strategic Development Plan of the Ghana Prisons Service at the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons.

This project aims to raise the resources necessary to carry out the 10-Year Strategic Development Plan of the Ghana Prisons Service.

It was launched to effect transformation to/within/about the Ghana’s Prisons Service. It also exists to educate the public about the current state of its prisons and sensitize them about the importance of the Prisons Service to public safety and national security.

Project Efiase is also about advocating to corporate entities that the Prisons Service is open to business via Public Private Partnerships.



All the above is needed to initiate transformation. It takes a renewed mindset about corrections management and costs money to rehabilitate people so that when they re-enter society, they do not endanger public safety or national security.


In the year 2009, the 5th (PSC) toured the regions to inaugurate the various Regional Prisons Committees and came face to face with some of the poor and inhuman conditions of Ghana’s prisons under which inmates were being held.

They however decided to continue from where their predecessors had ended. This PSC therefore initiated the formulation of a 10-Year Strategic Development Plan to tackle the numerous challenges of the Ghana Prisons Service.

In December 2014, when the 6th Ghana Prisons Service Council were sworn into office under the Chairmanship of Rev. Dr. Stephen Wengam, this Council decided to launch both Project Efiase and the 10-Year Strategic Development Plan.

To do this, the Council sought the support of the President of the Republic. After paying a courtesy call on him to explain the challenges of the Service it exercised oversight responsibility over, the Council invited the President to come and launch both Project Efiase and the 10-Year Strategic Development Plan.

Why is this Project necessary?

Many times, resources are directed at other security agencies such as the military and police. Even the judiciary, also a critical link within the criminal justice system is better funded than the Prisons Service by both government and foreign governments. However, the neglect of the Prisons Service is detrimental to public peace and safety.

The Prisons Service does not only take care of staff and their dependents like the military and police but as can be seen in the infographic below, it also takes care of thousands of inmates.

Under resourcing this important arm of the security services is never good for national security. This is why initiatives like Project Efiase which puts the issues of the GPS at the fore is critical to public safety and eventually to national development.


Account details are available via this LINK.

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